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Introducing the Inland Empire's new way to market your business.

Source Referral is a referral marketing platform that provides tools for satisfied clients to refer highly-rated businesses to their social networks.

Users can get promotional discounts and earn rewards when they introduce new clients to your business.

What makes us different?

Source Referral helps you promote your business, get referrals, and reward customers who bring you new business.

What we Offer.

Online Business Directory

SourceReferral represents over 100 businesses in six key categories:

• Design + Build

• Health + Beauty

• Real Estate + Financial

• Home + Services

• Lifestyle + Shop

• Dining + Entertainment

Business Profile Page

Your account representative will guide you in setting up your business profile page and creating your offers and rewards.

Your Page Includes:

• Image Carousel (up to 10 images)

• About Us

• Contact Information

• Link to your Contact Form

• Listing of your product/services

• Referral Meter

• Referral Links to share your business

• Video

• Two Offers/Two Rewards

• Blog

Referral Cards

Encourage your satisfied clients to introduce your business to their social network.

Your business will receive 1000 referral cards so you can invite your satisfied clients to become Affiliates at Source Referral.com. As an Affiliate, they have access to easy-to-use referral links so they can refer your business and promotional offers to friends and family.

Social Network Sharing

Your satisfied clients can post and share their recommendations via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.

SourceReferral tracks each referral through a unique affiliate ID that is assigned to your client when they sign up. The affiliate ID is attached to all referrals they make and is activated by your business when the purchase is made.

Lead Capture

Reach out when someone requests your Offer Code.

When someone requests your offer code, your business will receive an email notification with the prospect's contact information. Use this information for future prospecting or reach out to answer questions or schedule an appointment. All leads are included in your monthly subscription. Your business will redeem the offer code and pay out the referral rewards at time of purchase. 

Tracking and Payouts

Confirm the sale to activate the referral.

When a customer presents an offer code and makes a purchase, use your smart phone to scan the QR Promo code and enter your business ID. SourceReferral links the promotional offers to the Affiliate who referred your business. All confirmed promo codes are tracked on our Rewards Payout Report. Each month you will confirm your sales and fund the referral rewards. SourceReferral will issue rewards to the Affiliate who made the referral.

Recommendations, not reviews.

Our Referral Meter shows how many times your business has been referred over the past 5-week period.

Your $100 monthly subscription includes...

Business Profile Page

Use your profile page to feature your best work and provide an easy way for potential customers to find your business.

  • About Us & Business Blog

  • Listing of Products/Services

  • Image Carousel 

  • Referral Tools

    Your clients can use these tools to refer your business to their social networks offers via...

  • Email

  • Text

  • Facebook & Twitter

  • Tracking & Reports

    Each QR Promo Code includes an Affiliate Link that is verified when the sale is made.

  • Pay rewards only when you make a sale.

  • View approved referrals online

  • Verify sales prior to paying rewards

  • Shared Advertising & Promotion. 

    SourceReferral.com is promoted with paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in addition to print ads in Your Villa Magazine. 

    Pay a minimum of 3 months, then you may cancel at any time.


    My customers love it! 

    Since signing up with SourceReferral, my customers have started to share my business with their friends and family. New clients love the promotional offers and my existing clients love the rewards. Who better to promote your business than those who know it best?...your satisfied clients.

    Shannon Cook - Slimmer Solutions


    Taking Your Villa to another level

    I have advertised with Your Villa Magazine for over 10 years. The new digital program will make it easy for my clients to share my business to their social networks. I expect to double my return on this investment in a very short time.

    Nabil - Modern Paving 

    SourceReferral is powered by Your Villa Magazine.

    We promote the best businesses in the IE and to provide tools to your satisfied clients to share your business to their social networks!

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