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Drive qualified leads to your business by increasing referrals from existing clients and maximizing your business visibility on an innovative SEO-enhanced marketing platform designed to help your business... 

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    "As a 15-year client of Your Villa Magazine, I was excited to see the new digital platform designed by this team! If it generates half of what my print ad does, my lead generation problem will be solved."

       Nabil Lallas, President



    What is Source Referral?

    SourceReferral.com is the first business resource referral marketing platform that allows your clients to share your offers with friends and family and earn rewards when the offer is redeemed.

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    Local Resource Directory

    SourceReferral.com has listings for the top local business in 6 Buying Categories. We are a resource for shoppers to find quality businesses, receive an offer and refer their favorite businesses to friends and family.

    SEO Enhanced, GEO Targeted Landing pages

    SourceReferral.com helps improve your Google ranking by connecting your business with keyword searches for your brand. We share our years of online ranked content to rev up search engine results for your business. Geotargeting allows your business to be more easily found by customers near you.


    Blogs are a great way to improve your SEO. Use your blog feature to introduce a new product, show off your most recent job, provide a tutorial, or even hold a contest. Provide updates as often as you like, but know that our team will reach out quarterly to help keep your content fresh.

    Easy to Share

    Your customers can easily refer your business or your offers via Text, Email or post to Facebook or Twitter. Each SourceReferral Affiliate has a custom referral link that they can copy and paste into any platform that allows them to share your business. The Affiliate link is connected to your business. When a prospect uses that link and makes a purchase, the Affiliate receives a reward.

    Offers and Rewards

    Visitors to your landing page can receive discounts on your product or service. When they sign up as an Affiliate, they can receive referral rewards when they refer your business to others. Referral incentives are paid out once the sale is made. No longer pay for unqualified leads.

    Complete Referral Program

    SourceReferral.com tracks completed sales and manages the reward payout on your behalf. Built-in mechanisms prevent fraud abuse. Automatically pay or reward your customers, family, friends, and colleagues for referring your business.

    Referral Cards

    Increase your awareness of your referral program with customized refer-a-friend cards. These cards will direct users to your landing page. Here they can see your offers and rewards and easily share with others. BONUS! Each time your QR code is scanned, it's helps boost your SEO!

    Referral Meter

    Every time your business is referred by satisfied clients or friends of new clients, it registers on your Referral Meter letting others know you are a well-regarded business.

    Fixed Monthly Cost

    SourceReferral.com helps your business generate qualified leads by connecting satisfied customers with new ones. Quit paying for dead-end leads and engage with prospects who are interested in your product or service.

    Our Package includes

  • SEO Enhanced Landing Page 

  • Geo-Targeting Search Feature

  • Two Offers for your Prospective Clients

  • Incentivized Referrals

  • Easy to Share Referral Links

  • Referral Meter

  • Customized Blog to Highlight your Business

  • and much more!


    How we work?

    We follow a systematic approach in our process of gathering your business information and implementing your referral program.

    Onboarding Workshop

    Our account representative will meet with your business to gather the information for your landing page. This includes your “About Us,” your business photos, and your blog.

    Offer Consultation

    Once we understand your business, we will consult with you to determine your best Offer/Referral combination to protect your profit margin while incentivising action by potential clients.

    Putting it into Action

    Your account will be active within 5 business days of your onboarding workshop and ready to use on Day 1. Our team will coach you on how to best implement your new referral program into your existing workflow.


    Why Referral Marketing?

    Referral Marketing—being personally introduced to a prospect—results in business 80% of the time. Think about it. We get the number for the contractor that just remodeled our neighbor’s kitchen, ask a friend for a day-spa recommendation, or try the new restaurant our co-worker raved about. Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 – 50% of all purchasing decisions.

    People are four times more likely to buy a product or service when it’s referred by a friend. 

    Nielson Ratings

    Companies with formalized referral programs experience 86 percent more revenue growth over a two-year period when compared to the rest.

    Wharton School of Business

    Social media posts published by friends influence 81% of US shoppers’ purchase decisions.


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